We understand the turbulent
waters of workers'
claims management

simplifying that work for over 20 years

Workers’ Compensation Claims professionals can have up to 150 claims or more on their desk at any given time. The workload is overwhelming, and one mistake could cost your company money, and for the claims professional, precious time.

At, where we have been simplifying the work of workers’ compensation for the last 20 years, we understand the workload and responsibility of the claim’s professional.

That is why we created a tool called
WorkCompResearch – or as our clients like to call it, their
“Virtual Claims Assistant.”


  • They receive the claim.
  • They file the required paperwork.
  • They investigate the claim.
  • They analyze and manage the needs of the injured worker.
  • They deal with doctors, case managers, lawyers and state regulators.
  • And they do this for 150 cases or more, all at once and often in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Oh, and every single jurisdiction is different.

How can you possibly navigate all of that efficiently?

WorkCompResearch is your personal “Virtual Claims Assistant” providing:

  1. Up to Date Compliance Information
  2. Keyword Searchable Rules and Statutes for 53 Jurisdictions
  3. Nationwide Regulatory Search Function
  4. Comprehensive Data Ready Forms Library
  5. Jurisdictional Update Email Notifications
  6. Customizable Cheat Sheets
  7. Jurisdictional Comparative Charts and Custom Comparison Reports
  8. Comprehensive Reference Desk
  9. Optional ODG Integration for One Stop Research

Benefits of WorkCompResearch

  1. Make the Claims Process Faster and Easier
  2. Save Claims Professionals’ Time
  3. Provides Accuracy as we Update Daily
  4. Saves Company Budget
  5. It Simplifies the Work of Workers’ Compensation
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